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The problem with kids today

People who say things like, "Kids today," with their fingers pointed and their brows furrowed, "they don't have the work ethic we did." Or, "they don't care about anything (like we did)." Or with frustration in their crackity old voices, "they're just worthless!"

Those people make me sad. What they don't understand, is their frustration should be directed at themselves. If our "kids today" don't care (or are perceived not to care), it's our own fault.

What these people don't understand is that it's our responsibility to figure out what it is that turns these "kids today" on to caring or learning or working, as the case may be. It's our problem, not theirs. Their problem begins when they have children and they turn into the "kids today".

If "kids today" aren't into what we were into, it's up to us to find out what it is they ARE into. That's hard.

I guess that's the problem. It's easier to blame them than ourselves. It's easier to scoff at their cloths and their hair than to understand why they like those things.

That's the saddest thing.

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