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So, courtesy of OneGoodThing, I will copy her post here. I have to say, I'm not sure if it's okay to do this. I'm not trying to fool anyone into to thinking I wrote this, but still, it feels a little sketchy. The reason I'm copying her word for word is because I thought it would be a little obvious and cheesy and over-done to start a meme about a missing, pregnant black woman on a relatively happy, lucky white woman's blog. But that changed after I read what "flea" had to say, so that's why I want you to read it, too. What she's saying is important and we need to hear it...

I hate memes, mostly. I don't participate in them and very rarely read them when other people do them. I want to make an exception with this post, and I hope that everybody who reads me and has a blog or a LiveJournal or posts on bulletin boards or has actual physical human contact with other people passes this meme on.

This is Latoyia Figueroa.

She is a 24 year old Philadelphian, 5'2" tall, 5 months pregnant, the mother of a 7-year-old daughter, and has been missing since July 18th. Blogger Richard Blair of the
All Spin Zone is covering the story of her disappearance. He has also set up, with the assistance of the Philadelphia Citizens Crime Commission, a reward fund for any information on Ms. Figueroa.

I read about her at Shakespeare's Sister, who began her post with "Have you heard of Latoyia Figueroa?" I haven't, actually. Not a word. CNN has picked up the story, and I understand MSNBC has reported on it as well, but after reading that it was a blogger that called CNN to ask why a story about a missing pregnant woman with a young child had not been covered, I felt an emotion that I hadn't expected to feel: embarrassment. I am embarrassed that the media, and white people in general, it must be said, aren't doing more to find this young woman.

Look: I am uncomfortable with the bloggers who have been sneering about "missing white women" lately, mostly because it doesn't have the effect I think they're going for. It's very trendy with liberal bloggers to make comments like "Oh, ho hum, look at the media go crazy over another missing white woman." or "CNN isn't covering the war in Iraq because, hold the presses, there's another missing white woman!" I understand the intent behind this is to point out the racism behind the manufactured press hysteria, but what actually happens is this: black, asian, and hispanic women still get ignored, and white women are held in contempt and blamed for media coverage over which they have no control. That's it. Eventually, you get people calling Natalee Holloway a whore that probably left with three guys to let them run a train on her, so who cares whether she's found or not?

I still care about Natalee Holloway. What I would like to do is care equally about Latoyia Figueroa, her daughter, her family, and her unborn baby. I hope you all do the same.

Richard Blair has made a wonderful effort toward getting the nation focused on Figueroa's recovery. It is my hope that we all can do our part to bring her back home.

Here is more information about Figueroa's disappearance:

CBS News

Philly Future
Posted by: flea / 7/27/2005 06:54:00 PM

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