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Don't Cry Daddy

If there's ever been a cheesier Elvis song, I haven't heard it. Yet I still love love love this song. Love it. I used to listen to my mom's record and I played this song over and over and over again. And I sang, loud.

Anyway, through David, I'm getting to know my father in a new light. I've heard that kind of thing happens as you grow older, but seriously I just thought my dad was a jerk and figured I'd go ahead and accept that as my father. Turns out he's not so much a jerk as a totally concerned father with a strict way of raising his kids. Now that we're grown, and he doesn't have to worry about us anymore, he's lightened up tremendously.

I told David this the other day and he says maybe my dad's always been nice and I've just been a complete spoiled brat my whole life.

Screw them, they can have each other.


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