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B to the E

Don't drink the Red Bull flavored beer if you plan on sleeping again. Ever. I drank one, 1, yesterday evening and then I had about 3 regular beers and I slept about 4 hours and woke up at 5am unable to go back to sleep. I have to work today and 4 hours is NOT enough rest. I laid in bed for, I don't know, 2 and a half hours, just trying, TRYING to go back to sleep. It's all I wanted in the world. David didn't sleep at all. He's gone now changing the tire at 7:40 in the morning so he doesn't have to drive me to work. There's a flap of tire hanging off the front left one, it's not flat yet, but it won't be much longer and I'm not driving on it.

I keep thinking about the child I haven't had yet. I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl. I wonder how I'll feel about him or her. I wonder if he or she will look like me, I wonder how he or she will change me. I'm not pregnant and don't plan to be for a while, I just can't help but wonder sometimes.

I guess this is what started it all. I was reading Dooce the other day, I don't read her website much anymore, but I looked at it recently and she was talking about some stupid shit her husband did as a teenager that she was all freaked out about. I thought it wasn't that big of a deal, to learn something about your husband after so much time spent together, until today. David was telling me some story when all nonchalantly he mentions that he TRAPPED, KILLED AND SKINNED A BEAVER, all so he could make some sort of gloves. When he was TEN YEARS OLD. While I'm terribly impressed at his willingness to take on such a task at such a young age, and while I wonder in awe at his young curiosity, I must say I'm a little freaked out. I suppose I was more of a city child than he was; his grandfather went hunting and so did his dad on occasion and mine didn't, but I really had no idea.

I used to think when I had a kid I wanted it to be a boy. Now I'm not sure I could handle the blood.


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