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Aquatic Life with Steve Isuzu

On his way out the door of Blockbuster this afternoon, a Phoenician man turned around and asked the girl at the counter if she'd heard of "...that Aquatic Life movie with Steve Isuzu". Yes, she had in fact. "I heard it was kinda weird."

I guess it is, but it's the most refreshing weird I've seen in a long time.

On another note, a more catching-you-up-on-what's-going-on note, I got a job in Memphis. We're moving back the beginning of June. I'll be transferring to another department, same exact job. While it's not the most exciting or upwardly mobile career move, I've decided it's the smartest. Smartest in the sense that I'm not going to stay with this company forever, and it's better to focus on what I really want to do rather than just try to get ahead in an office job. Since we've been in Phoenix, although we haven't been making a shit load of money or anything, we've grown accustomed to being comfortable and getting things we want more or less when we want them. We aren't breaking our backs just to make rent every month, in other words. And that's nice, but it's not everything. Everything is having a job that makes you happy, makes you feel fulfilled, makes you sleep at night knowing you've contributed in some small, meaningful way. I certainly don't have that now, and neither does David. We'll try again to have it in Memphis. So, I'll go back to school at night, get a masters in Education and start teaching High School English. He'll find someone to pay him to make something different every day or week or month and he'll come home smelling of plaster of paris or varnish or oil based paint and I will love love love him.

The details of moving across country are stressing us out, though. I said we were doing well as far as paying our bills and doing piddly things. I didn't say we had enough money and resources to move all of our belongings across the country w/no worries. Currently, we can't decide whether we should rent a huge Uhaul-type truck and tow our own or rent a trailer and pull it. The price difference is phenomenal, but the stress levels are as well. I've got a friend who's supposedly trying to help us out with a deal through connections, but we're learning lately what people say isn't necessarily what they plan to do.

The anticipation is remarkable, nonetheless, and one of my most favorite things to do is go on a road trip. Two thousand miles across the southern half of the country is definitely going to be awesome. I can't fucking wait. We're planning to camp in the Monohan Sandhill State Park outside of El Paso, TX (I think). We haven't camped since Palo Duro Canyon outside of Amarillo, TX on our way here. Pictures won't capture the amazingness, I'm sure, but I'll definitely post some.

Wish us luck.


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