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Sunday evening

I thought I might never come back. I've been sort of busy, I guess. We went to a bunch of yard sales and thrift stores this weekend for Ebay and David found a couple of very good items. He's been working on the one ALL EVENING and most of the day.

We were driving through this somewhat run-down yet still intriguing neighborhood, half-assed looking for a sign for a sale on Cypress Street (not Avenue as we kept singing in our heads). The ad in the paper said primo. It was mostly full of crap you'd find sitting in someone's garage 5 years after it didn't sell at their last garage sale. Just a bunch of dusty crap. But David found a record, and almost didn't even bother asking about the record player he saw with the old jam boxes and transistor radios with corroded batteries. He did though, he asked the guy how much, as an after thought, and the guy's all, "That thing? A dollar, I don't even know if it works."

David's all, "Yeah, great. I'll take that too, then."

Anyway, it was a yard sale moment and it turned out to be pretty nice. It doesn't have the original arm, which I'm not sure but I think is more sought after than the turntable, but the box is this really nice, unfinished wood and it works! It's a Rek-O-kut Randine and there seems to be something wrong w/the needle. Aesthetically, it looks a lot like the amp he just made. Sort of Swedish and clean and technically organic.

That was today. Yesterday we did pretty much the same with a little more sleeping, sex and food. And Friday, yes, we went to thrift stores and this time David found a Kaypro 4, one of the first portable computers. The keyboard's kind of fucked up, but it's also fixable. Just not as enticing as the turntable, so it hasn't been worked on yet.

I made this scrambled pancake thing Oyashman this morning, an old family recipe from a great aunt on my mom's side, I think. My sister makes it constantly for she and her family, so I thought I'd make it for David to taste. It was awful. But no, I made it correctly, it's just a crappy food. No wonder I've never really understood my sisters affinity for it.

Well, have a nice day.


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