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American Folkways Recordings

Don't make me tell another jail story. I don't have one of those for everytime I want you to be looking at my stuff on Ebay for purchasing consideration.

It's hard to think about horrible times when times are so good. Wednesday was David's birthday and we had the best day we've had together in weeks. Not that we don't normally have a lovely time together, but you know, seasons change. I took off work and first thing we noticed after we woke up was that a FedEx letter had been slipped underneath our front door holding a birthday card and hundred dollar check from my mother-in-law.

We cashed it on the way to the library for some old American Folkways Recordings. And Otha Turner, Roscoe Holcomb, Lead Belly and this old Protestant Church music that was amazingly close to home with crickets and people clearing their throats in the background.

We drank margaritas and ate Mexican food while poring over the cd booklets and stopped for wine on our way home to listen. In the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week, I was drunk w/my husband lying about our little sun-drenched living quarters, music from the past blasting from our speakers. While we reveled at the brilliance that came before us, we fondled each other and generally felt all the love the day could possibly hold.

After almost 6 years.

I love this man.

Now, look at the things he is willing to hook you up with.

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