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So, this apparently isn't new but it's sure the fuck new to me. I just read an article about Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Holy shit, people want perfectly normal limbs amputated. The article doesn't go into why people might want this, rather, it discusses whether or not it should be listed in the D.S.M. and how common it's becoming. One doctor related it to when people have plastic surgery. The difference is, though, that cosmetic surgery results in still a normal body. Why would someone want to go from having a perfectly functional body to an amputed one?

I remember as a kid always wishing I had to wear glasses, or that I could have a cast. My brother was tall and lanky and wrestled and played football and all types of sports tall and lanky kids should not play. Thus, he was always breaking something. He always had a cast on one of his arms or legs and people were always signing it. He got lots of attention and I wanted some of that. But, I didn't want it permenantly, and I just wanted the attention so I found ways to get it otherwise. Also, I wound up needing glasses and was screwed after that because now they're just a pain. Contacts in and out everyday, getting all foggy when I'm tired or when I'm in a bar trying to get drunk or laid. I can still try to get laid, just as long as it's by my huuuusband.

That was not BIID, though. BIID is another animal all together and I just can't get my mind wrapped around it. Since it was on BoingBoing this morning and in the New York Times, this may not be new to you and will probably be the subject of more and more conversation. I just thought I'd bring it up for posterity. It should be known, really. I have to find out more. It's definitely one of the most fucked up disorders I've heard. Another doctor related it to anorexia and says some get treated with OCD type medications. Clearly, they have no idea what to do with these poor people. But, why? Why do they want to do this to themselves? To prove that they can persevere against all odds? To get attention, sympathy? It all sounds so out of hand.


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