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I'd rather be somewhere else most of the time and I'm a huge practitioner of staircase wit.



So, I shared my jail story and got all freaked out, not necessarily over nothing, but the darkness is lifting. We're selling things on Ebay and people are actually buying them, so that's good. I got paid and the money we got out of my stock has taken over the rest. So, we're good and didn't get too far behind to render it impossible for us to come back up for air.

I didn't get the Tech Writer job I was wanting, but it's okay. In my letter, the hiring manager asked me to call him so we could discuss what I might do instead. He thought my resume was good, so he wanted to give me a contact name of someone in another department more suited to my skills. It's with Corporate Publishing and it sounds great. So, I'll email that person on Monday and we'll see where that goes.

Thursday night was very sad. I was all crying and depressed while David tried to make me laugh or just hugged me while I shook, but it was just a moment. I needed to get it all out is all. Everyone at work knows I'm trying to get a job and they're all so curious and sweet, I feel I have to keep up a positive attitude around them. Constantly. When I finally came home I was so grateful that I could just feel like shit and wallow in my own self-pity. Sometimes you just need that, I guess, because I really do feel much better. I'm refocused and ready to go.

We went to some thrift stores this weekend for more Ebay fodder and I found the most amazing night gown. I'm not normally a night gown person, but this one is so beautiful I decided to become one. It's Christian Dior and 100 percent silk and goes so delicately down to just above my ankles that even I feel like a hottie. I'm wearing it right now in fact, and it's 1:40 in the afternoon. What? David went to the store and told me to keep it on, I think he wants to do something to me when he gets back. Seriously, it is transforming. I also found a librarian dress and those of you who don't know me, that is a good thing. I love it, it might be the only thing that gets me out of this night gown today. Yesterday I was wearing it and David said I looked like a 60 year old black woman who just got back from church. I was at the sink without the sweater over it and some crazy jewelry. I was all, and that's a bad thing? I don't know what it is about clothes, but I like dresses and things that make me look like I'm from another world altogether.

I can't believe I just wrote about my new night gown on the internet. Who cares?? Oh well. Why don't you just not worry about it because I'm not deleting it just to be spiteful.


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