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tequila mockingbird

Although self-consciously, I enjoy the blog reading immensely. So much so that I'm literally shocked when I use the term, blog, in the "real" world (also known as, speaking-with-anyone-other-than-my-husband) and the person goes, "what's a blog?"

I'm all, incredulously, "are you kidding?!?"

But whatever, I call myself a dork and explain it very carefully. However, I don't often come across a blog with just spectacular writing. The following entry gave me goosebumps and made me cry. I've been smitten ever since. Be careful not to read the last few years of Julia's life in one sitting, though. You'll want to leave something to look forward to (on the internets, that is. You do actually have a life on the outside, right?).

Check it out. I also recently added her to my links over there on the left.

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