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I've never had a mentor before, but after browsing through some intranet websites yesterday, about this new dream job of mine, I saw a name I recognized.

I was at an art opening in Memphis a few months ago and was talking to a couple of friends about wanting to transfer back home real soon. A girl I was talking to suggested I email her step-mom. I was all, great, yeah, I'll do that. I wrote her name down and everything. But I never wrote her. I didn't think I'd ever really get around to using the name I'd just been given in the name of networking.

Networking, something I wrote a poem about in college once.

Networking, the cheap, false, phony way of getting up in the world.

So, as I was browsing this internal list of names, I recognized the one. The step-mother one, no joke. I jumped at the opportunity before my eyes and emailed her. Turns out, she's a wonderful woman full of advice and pointers for this immature business minded brain to take in and make use of.

I've never been mentored before in any endeavor, however this woman made me feel both good about humanity and myself all at once. The hope, the possibility, the challenges that lied ahead just waiting to be taken on. Why did she take so much time out of her own day to help me out- a stranger, basically using her to... network?

I'll never know. But she changed the way I think about a lot of things. Namely, how giving people can be, for no other reason than to be nice.


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