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Las Vegas, 8/08/04

It's becoming difficult to blog without telling my husband. Literally, we share everything noteworthy about our lives with each other. We have been for over 5 years now, and suddenly I up and decide I wanna keep something to myself. It doesn't feel right, but this is so nice, this space I've created for myself. And I think it might even be good for our relationship. I've said before, I might actually gain some much needed perspective from time to time here.

Today, though, I could really use his help. I've been making some minor changes and enhancements to my blog and I'm stuck. And even though I don't think anyone actually reads this but me, I'm hoping to be proven wrong by someone answering my question. I thought about posting on someone else's blog but decided that was lazy and rude.

How do I get the parchment looking paper to cover the entire off-white center? I can't figure it out! Go ahead and call me an idiot, I don't care, just call me. No, email me or something.

By the way, while I was figuring out how to post pictures, I thought I'd introduce the only person in my life who gives a shit or means a shit. And while that isn't exactly fair to my family and the few other friends I may have, it sounded good. Mostly, though, I'm just so proud to have him. Look how hot he is.


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