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I'd rather be somewhere else most of the time and I'm a huge practitioner of staircase wit.


I hear Memphis... calling me... HOooome

After I sent out my application yesterday, I found the job I really want. With the company I work for, you can have 2 application packets out at any given time. So, I'll be going for them both simultaneously, desperately hoping for the one. It's for a technical writer and jesus I haven't wanted anything this bad in quite some time. I'm like willing to do just about anything, I'd even take less pay just to be in that department, writing for a living. Lucky for me it's a salary job and more pay so I don't even have to consider less.

We just found out some friends found a house to rent, they'd been staying with their parents since moving back from LA. It'd only been a couple months but I know they are feeling pretty good right now. Remember when I just said I don't think I've wanted anything as bad as that technical writer job? I lied, want a house more and I want a family! Not a big one. Just me, D, Huey and little WhatUp. (Holmes, get it?) I want all the things I never thought I'd want before. Things I could've cared less about just 5 years ago. Funny how much things change. Priorities change, goals, all that business. I'm glad I resisted for as long as I did, though, because this way I know I'll appreciate it more once I've got it. It seems like that's the way it'll work out, anyway. I wasn't forced into anything, I just lived my life the most natural way for me and one day we woke up and wanted to be married. No big stress, no worries, we just did what we wanted to do. And we just keep on doing that. So, life may be slow-goin' sometimes, but we'll never feel trapped or rushed or in over our heads.

I've been reading another blog lately and she's about freaking out right now with that. Things happened before she was totally ready, I think, and now they're recovering. I never wanted that to happen, so I kept a tight lid on what I thought I was capable of and added a little bit at a time. I feel bad for her, I'm not saying she deserves anything, I know she wanted the wonderful family she has, but it's the pressure that kept me at bay. Now I think I can handle it. Now I'm all, bring it on! Whatever that means.

This is what that means.


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