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Why do I think about Erin every time I play Bejewelled?

Erin's the girl who became involved in an unflattering situation and I just HAD to tell her story completely forgetting who I was talking to and how much Erin really meant to me. I was drunk, and a good story's a good story, right? God, I'm such a selfish bitch.

I tell myself that I need to write her a letter, but I'm afraid of where this need is really stemming from. I'm afraid it's my own need to not be hated, and that's a selfish reason. I don't want to risk offending her by trivializing what I did. It would never be my intention, but I'm so worried about insulting her more than I already have.

I suppose that's really my only option. I wish there was someone who could tell me what to do. David says I should, but he's not a girl, and as much as I believe we're ultimately not all that different - boys and girls, that is - I do believe that there are certain cultural/social differences that are very important here.

I will, though, eventually. If it's all I can do, it's all I can do; write her and just tell her how much I regret telling them and hope she believes me, and hope she doesn't see my name and immediately tear the envelope to pieces.


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