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Corporate Slave

People make decisions in their lives. As a young adult, I never thought I'd have an office job that I didn't really care anything about. The problem is, I only knew what I didn't want, I hadn't yet decided what I did want. By the time I decided what would be wonderful for me, it was too late. I was tired of waiting.

I was tired of being broke all the time, tired of eating 20 cent hamburgers from McDonald's and then buying the maximum at a time so I could freeze whatever was leftover, adding cheese and a little more ketchup because they never give you enough. I was sick of being sick at the beginning of each month when rent was due. Sick of having just enough extra cash to go to a movie but not having enough to get popcorn and a coke. Or having to go during the day when the prices are cheaper, or going to the drive in and bringing my own snacks. That kind of thing is quaint only if you don't HAVE to do it. If you can't go to the movies any other way, then it sucks. If you sit around in the dark w/candles and a battery operated radio because it's romantic is one thing. Sitting there because you didn't pay your bill is another. Pretending you're just trying to conserve energy when your mother comes over and none of the lights are on hoping she won't probe is gut wrenching and humiliating.

After awhile, a person is willing to adjust some of their previously held values and ideals. A person is willing to get a fucking day job and SUCK IT UP. It eats at me every day. What eats at me even more is listening to some fucker calling me a corporate slave on the phone while I try to take care of his fucking problem.


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